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Analog drawing workshop

Bijgewerkt op: 5 aug. 2019

x Starts in August 2019


Analogue drawing experience - when first I heard about analogue drawing I didn't really understand the concep but as Bianca started telling us the meaning I got closer to that idea of creating, which seemed unfamiliar to me at first. The process got started. After trying to concentrate, immersing ourselves in the state of absolute silence and peace, we closed our eyes. Then we really did feel our being in the very moment. We felt the ground under our feet, how confidently we're connected to our own self, sitting there comfortably and waiting, kind of meditating. Our exercise was: 1) imagining a moment, a state of mind when we were really angry, being concentrated just on that single emotion. Then suddenly we opened our eyes and started drawing leaded by our instincts. That page of the paper was titled "angry" 2) at the next exercise we had to concentrate the same way, working on the same method. But we were offered two options. Either the feeling of sickness, or power. The results were supposed to -again- represent the thing we chose. In the end of the process we always analyzed each other's creations, and also our own pieces of art. My opinion: Even though it seemed only just topsy-turvy lines and motifs all over the place, everybody in the room was personally touched by them, so in that way it got an extra meaning. It's also an outstanding experience, and a chance to get to know yourself, and each other better.

I would reccomend )) Marcell

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